Five tips for buying a property at auction

The idea of finding the perfect property, making your bid and walking away with the bargain of a lifetime at auction may seem like a dream come true. Yet have you ever wondered how easy it really is to buy a property at an auction and what it takes to find your dream home? 


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As this piece from MoneySavingExpert.com details, buying a property at auction can be a daunting experience. Below are a few tips to help you as you make your all-important bid.

Consider the legalities

Ensure you are aware of any legal issues surrounding a property before you buy it at auction. Look out for any restrictions or red flags that suggest all is not as it seems. When you do decide to make the purchase, it is a good idea to look into finding some online conveyancing quotes from a reputable conveyancer.

Research, research, research

There is no point diving right in to make the purchase simply because the property looks good. You should always consider the area and to the local facilities. If you are not happy with these, it probably is not a good idea to buy and you should take your search elsewhere. 


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Do not overpay

Although it is an exciting process, remember to keep your cool in the auction room and do not overpay just because you really want the property. Keeping to a sensible bid limit will ensure you do not blow the budget. Once you do nab the winning bid, remember to search for some online conveyancing quotes to help the buying process go smoothly.

Find the right solicitor

The right solicitor is crucial when it comes to finalising the sale and seeing it through as smoothly as possible. Searching for some online conveyancing quotes is a good place to start to find the perfect solicitor for you, so you can be certain that the legal process is being carried out by professionals.


Buying a property at auction is an exciting process but staying sensible and understanding the legalities is the best way to ensure your property’s sale goes through smoothly and easily. Make sure you have your finance in place as you will need to pay a deposit after the auction has finished.